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Sudhir Ambasana is an architectural designer, digital artist and a researcher. He received his MA from Städelschule, in Frankfurt.

His position as an architect could briefly be understood by his interest in using movement to virtually stage subjective consciousness in digitally fabricated environments that pre-supposes critical reading. His work transgresses from the material property of space to the perceptive faculty of human cognition; bringing into concern the dialectical questions regarding mind-body, inside-outside, representation-real, shape-form, image-drawing, machine-human and fragmentation-integration.

The overall portfolio of work could be well situated in the contemporary culture of hyper mediated images and its possible cues into architecture design where the shift is in the making of representations - from drawings to images. He explores design procedures through the use of photogrammetry and other image processing tools to further visualize and design 2D/3D imagery, immersive VR environments and AR applications.


2020 - Master of Arts in Architecture <Architecture and Aesthetic Practice(AAP) led by Prof. Johan Bettum>
Staedelschule Architecture Class(SAC), Frankfurt.

^^^Selected Group Exhibitions:

2023: LOOPHOLE, Timcheh Music Festival, Cologne, Germany.

with Shared Ecology (New Delhi) and Sahej Rahal.

2023: FOREIGN OBJEKT Resident (Online).

2022: IMAGINARIUM 2.0, Emami Art, Kolkata, India.

2022: INDIA ART FAIR 2022, New Delhi, India.
with Terrain.Art and Nature Morte.

2022: NON_FUNGIBLE SPECULATIONS, Nature Morte, New Delhi, India.

2021: DREAMS.EXE. Terrain.Art, New Delhi, India.

2020: RUNDGANG, SAC 2020, Frankfurt, Germany.

^^^Film Screenings:

2023: ArtBuzz Studios, New Delhi, India.

2022: Moving Images - Short film festival, ArtBuzz Studios, New Delhi, India.

2022: Fringe Arts Festivale 2022, Bath, UK.

2021: Vudemic Short film festval, Harkat Studios, Mumbai, India.

^^^Awards and Grants:

2024: Pollinator - Out of the Box Grant under ‘Generative Art’

2022: Emami - Imginarium 2.0.

^^^Architecture Design Exp.:

August 2022 - May 2024: Jourdan Müller & Steinhauser, Frankfurt, Germany.

July 2021 - August 2022: Freelance Designer.

November 2019 - April 2020: APC Architects, Frankfurt, Germany.

June 2016 - June 2018: Sanjay Puri Architects, Mumbai, India.