Leak onto Boffi

Leaky Stuff, 2018

Boffi is an Italian designer, manufacturing kitchen and bathroom accessories. It offers kitchen products, such as hoods, hobs, lighting systems, sinks, dustbins, taps, tables, and bathroom products that include wash-basins, taps, sanitary/showers, mirrors & bath-tubs. The retail outlet of Boffi is located at k26, Willy Brandt Platz, Frankfurt.

Adjacent to the sidewalk, the store frontal is the omnipresence of large see-through window openings offering a sense of engaging connection from the outside to the inside.

Such apparent frontal on the street to give an artistic impression of inside to the outside is certainly the most commercial aspect of any retail store outlet. This itself is a leak. It strategically engages the exterior to the interior. From the outside, it is through the clear window openings we maintain connection with the inside. We get to know the character of Boffi more.

Leak onto Boffi is about emphasizing the already existing characteristic presence of Boffi in the urban layer. However, this presence is only in the air. The character here is articulated by the addition of materials like curtains/upholstery which are omnipresent with the see-through windows throughout the frontal of the store. The overall character of Boffi as we know is 'leaking' onto the outer space and interacting with the social life at the precinct. This interaction is potentially more plausible when the outer skin transforms itself into interactive corners like a little casual sit out or a summer table to sit and sip coffee.The social realm is now not just of people walking around on the sidewalk waiting for a possible engaging connection, but also the same people trying to interact with this new facade.

The fenestrations not only provide visual opportunities but also vector for bodily and spatial human connection. The leak at best blurs the difference between inside / outside, making the interiority more accessible to exteriority.On a certain day, this could be an exhibit, curated by Boffi to promote itself.

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