Non-Fungible Speculations

commission, Terrain.Art, New Delhi.


*curated by Aditya Srinivas Mopidevi and Beth Citron.
featuring NFT works by Manjot Kaur, Karthik KG, Thukral and Tagra, Raqs Media Collective, Shezad Dawood and Judy Blum Reddy.

(curator’s note)
Non-fungible Speculations began as a prompt last year when NFTs (non-fungible tokens) were beginning to infiltrate the mainstream contemporary art world. Little did we know that a novelty would become normalized in such a short span. We embarked on this project to invite some of the finest artistic energies in the world to reflect on a new phenomenon and critically engage with the speculative potentials and challenges of NFTs. Our primary intention was to unpack a new medium’s multiple potentials and find visual imaginaries that are distinct from what we see in the popular arena.

Our invitation to consider speculation was intentionally broad, resulting in considerations of Hindu mythical deities, the changing value of gold, imaginary and real geographies, deep time conspiracies, and dream catchers, among others. Together they propose new economic, spatial, and mythical readings of speculation and alter existing perceptions of contemporary reality. They also enrich the potential of NFTs as a concept and medium. The works in this exhibition are presented in a specially designed virtual architectural environment, intimating depth within the scope of contemporary digital practices and moving beyond the flatness of most NFTs. The exhibition is planned to be durational, unfolding on over a period of several months.

My Great Game

*click anywhere inside above frame to virtually activate the space.
**use WASD for forward, left, right, and reverse movement respectively and mouse or trackpad to orient the point of view.
***press ESC to quit.

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