Micro-Narratives in Architecture Imaging.

Exhibition, Städelschule Rundgang, 14-16th February 2020


Theme - If a Traveler: Imaged Horticulture
Curators - Yeon Joo Oh, Stefan Wieland.

Picture Courtsey: Yin Tse Tseng

(curator’s note)

If a Traveler: Imaged Horticulture presents digital excursions into gardens in Frankfurt and beyond. The excursions into the horticulture realms are registered by extending human vision with artificial eyes. The results are presented in the forms of diorama or sculptural objects. Each of the thirteen objects explore the subtle relationship between the representation of space in forms of images and how these images give rise to our spatial gestalt through visual perception. Eventually, each object is dressed with an additional image using Augmented Reality in order to fully exploit the tension between the representation and the construction of the ‘real’.

If a Traveler: Imaged Horticulture uses the multitude and richness of forms in gardens to feed the architectural experiments in the studio. These experiments center on architectural space in relation to aesthetics and system of represenation. The work explicitly engages with formal question within the discipline through the agency and power of contemporary technology.

Micro-Narratives in Architecture Imaging is a three-dimensional representation of the stratified space observed in experimenting with garden, where the digitally sampled elements are sequenced one after the other, almost like a quasi-enfilade.

The conical form of the diorama is a translation of this enfilade where the subject is always in confrontation with the perspective, which here is constructed by the indication of a vanishing point. The vanishing point is exactly at the eye level. The overall form of the diorama- if the subject is aligned with the vanishing point, is perceived flat. The vanishing point matching the eye level, almost renders the form shallow. Depth is only observed while moving around it.

The flat frames let the Augmented Visuals drawn upon it. The point of view is the point of subjective observation, in this case the human subject which is outside the frame of representation. The flat trellis form becomes the ‘frame of representation’ when using the AR.The movement of camera in the digital is replaced by the bodily movement of a human subject in the physical space experiencing the AR. The correlation is then maintained by this flat frame of representation which lies in between the point of view and the vanishing point.

The project thematized the disciplinary concerns of spatial immersion and visual perception in terms of framing and spatial depth

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