The Convoluted Passage <on passivity>

research, VR environment.

In the current context of automation concatenating an order over geopolitical, environmental and mental chaos, the human subject finds itself encapsulated within an enclosure of a recursive closed loop system to a point where a possible chance of complete elimination seems inevitable. This exclusion brings into concern the question of passive consumption - uncritical overlook towards the unfolding. Passivity as opposed to activity, can be thought of as an abstraction through which the system produces iteration with a complete suspension of procedural techniques. The primacy of interactions are only on the screen and not through the depth or which lies beyond it. It promises a sort of comforting immediacy that creates a further desolation in the attempt of any possible acts of engagement. With a set of input and output fields put into convolutional networks with impulse signals as the control parameter at the core of power structure (techno-capital) - those who device them, also devices the output (techno-social) in one way or the other. Latency is then the condition.

The project works at the intersection of image making in the current context. With fast paced process, the AI tools available at hand are not really producing images like we once knew about analog mediums of recording data and translating them into conceivable forms that are images but instead they work on transfusing of already available or sampled images with precisely curated meta-data and convoluting their pixel data to derive abstraction. Image making today is nothing but producing multiplicity.



The proposed project attempts to bridge the Man-Machine dichotomy by unfolding the enclosure- by complete resistance, disagreement, disobedience, intolerance and nonconformity as opposed to ‘passivity’ that conforms to the overarching systems of control. It breaks the streamline production of this multiplicity by making possible insertion at the very formal process of it. By devising a language deconstruction and reconstruction model, the idea of formulating a prompt could be syntactically addressed and fed into the system to produce iterations in terms of images, videos, 3 dimensional objects and so on. The whole library of these newly generated multiplicities could be reconstituted and fed again into the system to generate an array of 3 dimensional connotation of ‘spaces’ with no utilitarian preconception of accessibility and function.

At first, a complete fabrication of this streamline process is laid out in the following manner-

__Text to Code
__Code to Image
__Image to Object
__Objects to Space

And then the resulting output is fed into the system again to produce more multiplicities before feeding the entire array into the same system to formulate an identification of a space. The idea is to represent this alien space in its vastness devoid of any subjective inclination, felt or experienced in a manner that is passive to our senses or rather inhabitable. Further alienation of the self in such a space would, so to speak, critically invite the viewer to understand the production process at stake before simply consuming it in the form of images. By doing so, the project aims towards speculating at a more hybrid relation between computational modes of production and their critical consumption to see if new cosmologies resonate.

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