Scale in the Visual Field


Visual Field refers to a two-dimensional image implicit in the human perception of the real, captured by the eye in the act of seeing. All modes of pictorial and digital representations are an emulation of the Visual Field as they function on the principles of projective vision. Scale in the visual field is an experiment investigating into this relative aspect of scale and its contingent referentiality when understood in terms of a 2D image. The overall experiment was staged in a garden.

The work offers a reading of garden typology deconstructed and isolated in terms of its essential spatial elements which acts in relation but are independent of each other’s existence. Some of the digitally sampled elements would include a rock, bark of a tree, water drain, pavement, shrubs, flowers, trellis and a garden wall made of stone. These were sampled using a depth perception camera which gives a constant scale of anything scanned within the diameter of 13 feet. Scale is also kept constant when the point clouds are mediated between computer software. The rectangular frame is literally a framing device here. It tries to register the variation in scale as the camera propagates through the linear axes, establishing a scalar relation between garden elements. It dissolves and distorts throughout the course of work.

The sequencing, despite of its abstraction presupposes a reality which is already waiting to be deconstructed and transformed. The state of isolation occurs when the work is speculated frame by frame, but only to invent micro-narratives within the general body of narrative. There are these instances where the idea of overlapping frames is imminent throughout.

Pure Frame: When an element is perfectly captured within the rectangular frame, it becomes a Pure frame.

Dissolved Frame: When an element goes past the rectangular frame almost dissolving it, it is a dissolved framed. Sense that it is also a dissolved frame because of the very little distance between the camera lens and the targeted element almost blowing it up out of proportion.

Emerging Frame: The frame emerging from behind the Pure frame, imminent to be targeted by the digital lens is an emerging frame.

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