On Duration - Tracking Movement


Understanding movement is central to understand the spatio-temporal connotations through human perception. These experiments primarily aim at tracing the bodily movement over a course of duration as it registers all the spatial positions and orientations. The derived form is specific to each iterated movement as it is lofted between various section planes. The experiment further aims to represent the multiplicity of space and time by non-homogeneous stratification and continuity.The disciplinary concerns thematized was the spatial representation of visual perception in terms of framing and interpenetration - historically exemplified by Le Corbusier and Adolf Loos.

Section planes are memory instances, like reclaimed bits and pieces of experienced yet forgotten incident. There were around 1500 section planes, however, these two examples use only 30 such section planes. Each plane is a contour of the recorded image (the Visual Field) from the moving camera in the digital.

movement 01

movement 02

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