The research points towards the temporality within architecture space, examined under variable aspects given the fundamental characteristics of space like transparency, framing, overlapping, interpenetration and simultaneity. Similar articulation of space will also be referenced to early Cubist paintings by Picasso and Braque triggering the very notion of depth and collapsing of geometric planes. In the later section, using cinema as a medium to understand the co-relation between space and time, the research works on the idea of divisibility of time by giving full autonomy to momentary frames. Using Hitchcock’s film as reference, the argument is situated in an attempt to examine the ‘fluctuation’ and ‘dissolution of frame’ when subject to ‘overlap’. Overlap in terms of spatial juxtaposition to perceive the formal object in architecture, art and cinema from a subjective viewpoint. By empahsizing on thr object’s frontality caused due to the suppression of depth and contraction of interstitial spaces, a further articulation on the becoming of an ‘image’ is deviced. In the last section to theorize this dissolution of overlapping frames, due to the interconnection of the above-mentioned spatial characteristics I will attempt to interchange the temporality of ‘Time’ with ‘Space’ and the uniformity of ‘Space’ to ‘Time’ by using Bergson’s model of Duration.

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